The Event

What is RezDays?

RezDays is the biggest event around virtual worlds in the German speaking community. From 2007 to 2009 it was known as „SLCM“ (Second Life Community Meeting).

What is the meaning of RezDays : „rez“ is a term that originates from the movie „Tron“ from 1982. It means „to manifest“ something in a virtual 3D environment. The „rezday“ is something like the birthday of an avatar (creation of an account) in virtual worlds and a common term in the community.

At the RezDays Friends and Residents of Second Life, Open Sim and other grids and virtual worlds meet in RL to party, talk and learn to know each other in „real life“ (RL). This is framed by talks about real/virtual topics, project presentations, lectures and music acts – inworld and live. The amalgamation of RL and virtual worlds is the main focus.

The event is planned completely voluntarily by a team of longtime residents. It is free for everybody and it lives from the ideas of the community for the community.

It would be a great pleasure for us if you’ve become excited to teleport your RL avatar to Berlin to experience a great weekend with us!